WMEA Hall of Fame

The Washington Music Educators Hall of Fame was established by the WMEA Board of Directors to give recognition for exceptional support, inspiration and outstanding contribution to the growth and development of music education, both public and private, in the state of Washington.

It was established in 1998 with a charter class of 125 members and augmented two years later with an additional 70 members. Since that time, up to ten members per biennium are elected to the Hall of Fame.

In June 2011 the WMEA Hall of Fame Wall of Recognition was dedicated in the Jerilyn S. Mcintyre Music Building at Central Washington University. The wall was funded by Ted Brown Music of Tacoma and supported with materials from Manhasset Specialty Company of Yakima.

Following is a list of those who have been honored with induction into the WMEA Hall of Fame.

Bernie Ackerman
Judd Aetzel
Phillip Ager
Howard Akers
Greg Allison
Leland "Stu" Alvord
Margaret Rose Anderson
Robert Anderson
Thomas E. Anderson
Leslie Armstrong
Robert F. Armstrong
Robert Bailey
Christy Miller Baisinger
Karen Ann (MacKenzie) Baldwin
Walter Barnum
Don Barrows
Ron Bayer
Dale Beacock
Dennis Behrens
William E. Bissell
Kathleen Blair
Patricia Anne Bourne
Shawn Bowman
Lynn Brinckmeyer
Eleanor Brown
Robert Brown
T. Warren Brown
Paul Brueggemeier
Harley Brumbaugh
John "Jock" Budelman
Coyne Burnett, Sr.
Peggy Burrough
Phyllis Byrdwell
Bruce Caldwell
Don Cammack
Patricia Shehan Campbell
James Carlsen
Clemewell Mackenzie Case
Robert Cathey
Stanley Chapple
Harriet Charlton
Robert Choate
Ted Christensen
A. Bert Christianson
Don Clausen
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Ted Brown Music
All Northwest
JW Pepper
Associate Member